As (over)stated in the tag line: “Fixing Italian food around the world,” this blog explains the difference between what is known as Italian food and the food of Italy.

I began writing out of frustration. I have never had chicken on pasta when I was in Italy – and, yet, chicken pasta is a popular “Italian classic” in North America(*). It’s bad enough to have “Italian” dishes that don’t actually exist in Italy (try ordering Linguini Alfredo in an Italian restaurant!), but what is even more upsetting is when the basic pillars of Italian cuisine are completely ignored, when its simplicity and balance are lost in the attempt to cram in as many flavors as possible. Real Italian food celebrates quality ingredients, expertly paired so that they play off each other. I don’t see that in a tomato sauce made with 10 different spices, a tablespoon of sugar and a head of garlic!

After my initial rant, however, I shifted my focus on researching why certain ingredients in North America are treated so differently from their Italian counterparts. Why are tomatoes nothing more than a garnish for hamburgers? Why when I lived in Italy hadn’t I heard of Canola? Why does fresh milk last 3 weeks instead of 3 days? The blog became more “scientific,” and started to require far more research.

Between the different articles, I continued publishing recipes, especially the simple and traditional ones. And, by doing that, I had an opportunity to work on my food photography.

This blog has been a great experience, and I learned a lot through it. I want to take this opportunity to thank the people that helped me a great deal throughout the years:
– Above all, my fabulous wife, Candace, for all her help, feedback and amazing editing. Honey, I would have given up if it wasn’t for your support.
– My friend food bloggers who I met along the way for their encouragement, feedback, for inspiring me and for promoting my posts. Special thanks to Manu, Pola, Kathy, FionaSimona, Nami, Frank.
– My friends and coworkers for their kind support and for flattering me by cooking my recipes! And special thanks to Jason, who has been a great sounding board, and who has been involved as an editor and as a podcast partner.

Paolo Rigiroli


Born and raised near Milan, Italy, Paolo has an engineering degree in Biomedical Electronics and works as a software engineer in the gaming industry. Now based in England, he lived in Vancouver, Canada, for nearly 18 years. If you wish to get in touch with him, please use the form.

(*)Although pasta with chicken exists in some regions of Italy, it isn’t the mainstream dish depicted in North America.


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20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great "about" page Paolo! 🙂 And thank you so much for your kind mention! You do an amazing job with your blog. You know, we share the same frustrations… and I do have a great time (and sometimes a laugh) when I read your posts on "weird" Italian food! Keep up the good work!!

    PS: Sai che ho fatto le "fiamme"?? Non ho resistito dopo aver letto il tuo post sui pasticcini!!!! 😉

  2. I agree with Manu: very nice page and photo of you. Frustration is good to get us to act, but then, to keep us going, we need something that interests us on a deeper level. That's what happened to you and to me as well. The protest march becomes a journey of discovery, which is a lot more fun. Than you for the kind mention. To many more years of travels!

    1. Thanks Simona, very well said – the discovery is indeed more fun. Thanks again for your support and contribution!

  3. Bisogna andarci piano, pero', quando si dice che una cosa si fa o non si fa in Italia, tanto vasta e ricca e' la tradizione culinaria. Per esempio: la pasta col pollo si trova eccome nella provincia di Padova, dove predilogono gli animali da cortile.

    Comunque, bel blog e ottima impresa, anche se probabilmente farai la fine di Don Chisciotte, perche' i miei connazionali ESIGONO la Alfredo sauce ;-D. Ti faccio una bella segnalazione sul mio blog, The Smiling Eggplant. E ti invito sulla mia nuova pagina Facebook, Italian Food Words.

    1. Thanks Cynthia for your comment! Translating for the non Italian speakers, she says that I need to be careful with generalizations, given the vast and rich variety in Italian culinary traditions: pasta with chicken does exist in the province of Padua, where poultry is very liked. I didn't know that, and I'm very happy for the correction – I'll edit the post to incorporate this observation.

      Cynthia also adds that she likes the blog and my initiative, even though I'll probably end up like Don Quixote, since the people from her country (I suppose the US?) DEMAND Alfredo sauce. I can see that 🙂 I just would like everyone to know that Alfredo sauce is not Italian, it's Italian-American!

      Cynthia also invites me to her blog, The Smiling Eggplant, and to her Facebook page: Italian Food Words. Thanks Cynthia – I will check them out.

  4. Paolo
    Very enjoyable, well done! I would be interested to see your take on the north/south Italian differences regarding cuisine. I find it is like 2 different worlds.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Great suggestion, thanks – you are right: two different worlds. I'll get on that, maybe a good subject for a podcast 🙂

  5. Hadn't checked out your about page since I first started reading your blog! Great description and thank you for the mention, very honored! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    1. Hi Fiona! You are welcome 🙂 Yes – Fiona and I will meet up during my upcoming visit to Italy! Stay tuned, we may even record a podcast episode together 🙂

  6. I just bumped into your blog as I was looking at polenta taragna. I am a berganasco who came to the US more than thirty six years ago. I lived on the east coast, west coast and south: it is so true, in all these years, very rarely I have found authentic Italian restaurants, and none serving northern Italian dishes – which are quite distinct from central or southern. Indeed, the American idea of Italian cuisine is extremely narrow and confused. Thank you, this is an excellent site.

  7. Paolo, can you please produce another pasta calendar, like you did after your blog’s first anniversary? I really enjoyed having it.

  8. Bravo, Paolo!
    I’m enjoying your site! I have found it not only correct in so many ways, but amusing and helpful too. As an Italian-American who has lived in Italy for a number of years, and studied Italian “foodways” in my doctoral and post-doctoral research, it’s a relief to find some of your points, clarifications and comments.

    Just got back from Italy, with most of my time spent this trip in the north, and — like Marco above — was looking up Polenta Taragna for a snowy day in Colorado. Yum!


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