Romano pepper soup

Romano Pepper Soup

Among all vegetables, peppers arguably have the most unique flavor! Romano peppers are sweeter and caramelize wonderfully when roasted, which makes them a great addition to a tomato-based soup, balancing its acidity and gaining depth in return. If this isn’t enough, like most Italian soups this recipe makes use of the classic celery/carrot/onion soffritto both … Continue reading “Romano Pepper Soup”

passato di verdure

Passato di Verdure (Strained Vegetables Soup)

Growing up, I was used to my mother’s soup made from chunky vegetables in clear broth. I can’t say I loved it – certainly not as much as I enjoy it now – but I clearly remember liking its strained variant: the “passato” (passed through, strained), the first time I tasted it. This memory goes back to when I … Continue reading “Passato di Verdure (Strained Vegetables Soup)”

zuppa di cipolle alla valdostana

Alpine-style Onion Soup (Zuppa di Cipolle alla Valdostana)

When it’s cold outside, my definition of comfort food is a warm and rustic dish. This soup totally qualifies as such, especially when it’s served in individual earthenware bowls that stay hot. This preparation is characteristic of the Aosta Valley, a small Italian region at the borders with France and Switzerland, on the western Alps. … Continue reading “Alpine-style Onion Soup (Zuppa di Cipolle alla Valdostana)”

Rice and Parsley (Ris e Erburin)

Having some more Italian (flat-leaf) parsley in my fridge, not an easy find in Vancouver, and looking for something quick to make for dinner, I naturally went back to my childhood for a dish where parsley is the absolute star of the show: a simple soup of rice and parsley. I remember very well my … Continue reading “Rice and Parsley (Ris e Erburin)”

Summer Minestra

For a summer meal, soup is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s in the summer that we have the best local vegetables and that the body needs fewer calories and more hydration. A soup can actually make for a great summer dish, especially if served lukewarm. This recipe is for … Continue reading “Summer Minestra”

pasta e fagioli

Pasta e Fagioli

Pasta e Fagioli (pasta with beans) is a delicious, hearty soup well known in both Italy and North America. In the United States, it’s sometimes referred to as “pasta fazool,” carrying the southern Italian pronunciation of the first Italo-Americans. Pasta e Fagioli represents a great example of Cucina Povera (cuisine of the poor), being a … Continue reading “Pasta e Fagioli”