“Strictly Italian” Campaigns

Here is a collection of my “campaigns” which have previously appeared on my Facebook page. Each starts with a picture of a food or product (usually an ad) and evolves into a provocative poster. Please don’t take these too seriously 🙂

Dr. Oetker is ubiquitous in Canada. In Italy it operates under the brand name Cameo.

In Italy it’s rare to combine different kinds of meat in the same preparation. Notable exceptions are bacon (“pancetta”) being used to fortify other meats (e.g. chicken) as well as of course in ragu`, ravioli.

As it says! In Italy it’s well known that Grana Padano is not the same as Parmigiano Reggiano.

This monstrosity was on a big supermarket truck in Vancouver.

More picking on Dr. Oetker! Lots wrong with this 🙂

Italian sausage “Parmigiana?” In a sandwich?

Took this photo in the office. A complete failure of good taste in pizza.

Was feeling particularly annoyed at this ad… The very suggestion that one could eat one of these sandwiches every day was already enough.

A disgrace on the flat bread! What a mess 🙂 Calling it “Tuscan” didn’t help.

I still have nightmares about this.