Second Courses

Deep Fried Squid (Calamari Fritti)

This is another recipe that I had the opportunity to document during my last Italy visit: deep fried squid. Unlike the potato crusted sea bream dish, calamari have always been standard in my family, ideal for a Sunday meal, especially in the summer. Naturally, this second course needs to be paired with a starter and/or … Continue reading “Deep Fried Squid (Calamari Fritti)”

Potato Crusted Sea Bream (Orata in Crosta di Patate)

During my last Italy trip, I got a chance to document the making of a dish that has become a staple in my family: potato-crusted sea bream. Based on a quick search, it appears to be quite popular in Italy and it has started to be featured internationally on restaurant menus. Quite possibly, the diffusion … Continue reading “Potato Crusted Sea Bream (Orata in Crosta di Patate)”

oven-roasted vegetable stripes

Oven-Roasted Vegetables Stripes

Roasted vegetables are nothing new, but this particular arrangement makes for a truly spectacular dish which can be served as a main course, accompanied with fresh and aged cheese, as well as a side dish. When I lived with my parents, this preparation was a common Sunday meal feature. However, it didn’t start in my … Continue reading “Oven-Roasted Vegetables Stripes”

Poppy Seed Potato Bignès on Braised Leeks and Taleggio

Going through my old recipe book, I stumbled upon this delicious dish – true comfort food, Italian style! An amazing entree where soft and creamy potato bignès, covered in nutty poppy seeds and deep fried are laid to rest on a bed of braised leeks and Taleggio! The dish is absolutely simple to make and … Continue reading “Poppy Seed Potato Bignès on Braised Leeks and Taleggio”

Frittatona di Cipolle – A Hidden Italian Favorite

This is probably one of the least blogged recipes – it doesn’t look too good in pictures and no Italian would make it for their guests. But this simple dish is one of the favorite things that Italians make for themselves when nobody is watching! ‘Frittata di cipolle’ (or ‘frittatona’ when it’s big, as “Fantozzi” … Continue reading “Frittatona di Cipolle – A Hidden Italian Favorite”

Asparagi alla Milanese – The Incredible Pairing of Asparagus and Eggs

Of simple Italian recipes that are almost unknown outside of Italy, Milanese-style Asparagus would probably rank near the top. This dish, traditionally associated with the city of Milan, is enjoyed all around Italy as a second course, especially in late spring, when asparagus is in season. Before getting to the recipe, let’s spend a few … Continue reading “Asparagi alla Milanese – The Incredible Pairing of Asparagus and Eggs”