Top Mispronounced

These are the top most commonly mispronounced Italian words that I’ve come across.


      #1: Gnocchi


      #2: Bruschetta


      #3: Taleggio


      #4: Formaggio


      #5: Pistacchio


      #6: Prosciutto


      #7: Focaccia


      #8: Calzone


      #9: Mascarpone


      #10: Linguine

7 thoughts on “Top Mispronounced”

  1. My brother once got into trouble for correcting his Italian teacher's pronounciation of 'cipolla'. The teacher kept insisting it was Ci-polla, not Cipol-la.

    What makes this worse is that the teacher's mother came from the same region as my dad!

  2. Is that your voice on the examples, Paolo? I just found your website, and I love it. I’m the guy who tells his friends – before going out to a new Italian restaurant, “OK, I’ll go, but I’m telling you now that if the adjectives on the menu don’t agree with the nouns, there’s going to be trouble!”

    1. Yes, it’s my voice, this was a precursor to my podcast, I guess 🙂

      Completely agree with you! Loved your comment – thanks for stopping by!

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