[Thoughts on the Table – 69] Introducing Food Blogger Pina Bresciani

This episode’s guest is Pina Bresciani (pinabresciani.com), a talented food blogger based in Vancouver, Canada, with strong ties to Italy. Join me as I learn more about Pina, starting from her upbringings in an Italian family in Vancouver, ... Continue reading

[Thoughts on the Table – 47] Introducing Food Writer and Cooking Instructor Giulia Scarpaleggia from Jul’s Kitchen

My guest today is Giulia Scarpaleggia from Jul’s Kitchen, an incredible project which includes a blog, food writing, food photography & videos, and a cooking school! Join me to hear from Giulia’s own voice how it all began and how it ... Continue reading

[Thoughts on the Table – 33] A food photography primer with Raffaella De Amicis

In this episode of Thoughts on the Table, I have the pleasure to host an extensive chat with professional photographer Raffaella De Amicis. Raffaella touches on photography fundamentals (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO), and presents a primer on food ... Continue reading

[Thoughts on the Table – 18] The Tough Life of Food Bloggers

In this new episode, Manu reveals many interesting facts about herself as a food blogger. How does she manage to conceptualize new dishes while maintaining a production volume of 3 recipes per week? How important is good food photography in attracting ... Continue reading

[Thoughts on the Table – 16] Introducing “Manu’s Christmas Menus”

In this episode, I have the pleasure to introduce a new guest: my friend and renowned foodblogger Manuela Zangara from manusmenu.com. Manuela (or Manu, as she likes to be called) talks about herself as a foodblogger, the role of food photography, and ... Continue reading