[Thoughts on the Table – 18] The Tough Life of Food Bloggers

In this new episode, Manu reveals many interesting facts about herself as a food blogger. How does she manage to conceptualize new dishes while maintaining a production volume of 3 recipes per week? How important is good food photography in attracting ... Continue reading

[Thoughts on the Table – 17] Manu on the Food of Australia

Manu is back for another episode! This time she talks about popular Australian food, from her Italian perspective. Manu has also prepared many of these dishes – check out her blog for the recipes and additional information on the culture of ... Continue reading

[Thoughts on the Table – 16] Introducing “Manu’s Christmas Menus”

In this episode, I have the pleasure to introduce a new guest: my friend and renowned food blogger Manuela Zangara from manusmenu.com. Manuela (or Manu, as she likes to be called) talks about herself as a food blogger, the role of food photography, and ... Continue reading