[Thoughts on the Table – 15] Known and Less Known Italian Foods

This week, Jessica takes us through a number of known and less known Italian dishes – starting from Naples and Sicily, through Rome and Tuscany, to northern Italy. Find out what is authentic and what isn’t, and maybe even discover some ... Continue reading

[Thoughts on the Table – 14] Cooking Italian in North America

In this episode, Jessica Burgio talks about the difficulty of recreating traditional Italian dishes in North America and gives her suggestions on how to make use of what’s locally available. She also explains how sometimes regional Italian dishes ... Continue reading

[Thoughts on the Table – 13] Meet Jessica Burgio

Welcome to a brand new series with guest blogger Jessica Burgio! In this first episode, Jessica introduces herself and gives an overview of North American foods from an Italian perspective. Particularly, Jessica focuses on the foods of Florida, where ... Continue reading