oven-roasted vegetable stripes

Oven-Roasted Vegetables Stripes

Roasted vegetables are nothing new, but this particular arrangement makes for a truly spectacular dish which can be served as a main course, accompanied with fresh and aged cheese, as well as a side dish. When I lived with my parents, this preparation was a common Sunday meal feature. However, it didn’t start in my … Continue reading “Oven-Roasted Vegetables Stripes”


Roasted Green Beans

Ah the Maillard reaction! The magic behind roasting and toasting which is responsible for the extra flavor in bread crust, pan fried eggs, seared steaks, and even maple syrup and coffee! Maillard browning is the result of the reaction between sugars and ammino-acids (the building blocks of proteins), which happens at temperatures around 150 °C, … Continue reading “Roasted Green Beans”


Stewed Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts on their stalk(1) Not everybody loves Brussels sprouts. But, unless you are overly sensitive to bitter flavors, you will find this to be a delicious side dish. Brussels sprouts are the buds of a kind of cabbage belonging to the Brassica family (along with broccoli, cabbage, kale, turnip, and mustard). This produce has an … Continue reading “Stewed Brussels Sprouts”


Polenta Taragna – An Enriched Polenta from the Italian Mountains

In previous posts, we talked about Cucina Povera, the cuisine of the poor, now becoming “fashionable” in high-end restaurants. This is the case also for polenta – one of the simplest dishes ever conceived. Now traditionally made with cornmeal, different types of polenta have been feeding the masses since Roman times, well before the discovery … Continue reading “Polenta Taragna – An Enriched Polenta from the Italian Mountains”


Asparagi alla Milanese – The Incredible Pairing of Asparagus and Eggs

Of simple Italian recipes that are almost unknown in outside of Italy, Milanese-style Asparagus would probably rank near the top. This dish, traditionally associated with the city of Milan, is enjoyed all around Italy as a second course, especially in late spring, when asparagus is in season. Before getting to the recipe, let’s spend a … Continue reading “Asparagi alla Milanese – The Incredible Pairing of Asparagus and Eggs”