[Thoughts on the Table – 26] Introducing Elisa Cerruti from ‘Milk Honey and Rum’

elisa cerruti

In this episode, Elisa shares her research and discoveries in nutrition. Join us to hear which foods are better for our health, why we should try to vary our diet, incorporate raw unprocessed vegetables and whole grains, and limit the intake of sugar and the consumption of meat. Elisa Cerruti is the author of Milk Honey and Rum, the first website dedicated to Piedmontese recipes for non Italians, with step-by-step photos and substitute ingredients to promote eating local! She also writes Latte Rhum e Miele, a natural remedies, alternative medicine, and healthy food website.

You can follow Elisa on Twitter @milkhoneyandrum, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Bloglovin’.

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  1. Thank you Paolo, has been an amazing experience to talk with you! I'm looking forward to talk to you again and meet you in Turin in September!

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